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carNAVi’s new office

[Quezon City, Nov 20, 2012]
carNAVi started it’s development of GPS navigation solutions for the Philippines back in 2006 and the first navigation devices were introduced to the mass market in 2009. Since than the team around carNAVi growed continuously and the company is a workplace for more and more creative people.

Only the best engineers and technicians, marketing folks and sales people are taking the chance to create, sell and support the best navigation systems in the market. And these people needs a workplace where they can have the room for their creativity.

carNAVi Corporation in partnership with it’s subsidaries and sister companies, will build a new headquarter located at Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. The total building capacity will be approximately 10.000 square feet, will feature the marketing and administrative office, research facilities and associated parking.

Taking care of the environment, the new office building will have it’s own rain water regeneration, a photo-voltaic solar power system, adiabatic cooling and of course modern IT and communication technology hosting carNAVi’s network infrastructure.

carNAVi plans is to break ground in end of 2012 and have the new headquarter done in 2013. It will have space for all our needs in one building.


carNAVi Corporation, developer and manufacturer of GPS and Galileo devices and integrator of GPS navigation software, was initially founded 2007 as carNAVi Enterprise by a team of inter-/national geographic and electronic engineers. carNAVi’s product portfolio includes carNAVi branded mobile satellite navigation devices and OEM hardware and software solutions for the automotive industry.