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carNAVi Backup Tool

Use this tool to backup or restore your carNAVi’s system settings, waypoints, history information, recorded tracks and saved routes. This windows tool allows to create backups of the settings or the complete navigation system and archive them on your PC. A comfortable restore function is also included as well as restorable default settings.

How can I get it?
Download the installer from the software download section or use the link below and save the downloaded file on your local computer, for example on your Desktop.

carNAVi Backup Tool - Version: 1.53, 1.27 MB [exe]
Release date: 17.11.2014

How do I install it?
After downloading double click the installer and follow the instructions. If the installation is finished, you will find a new program group ‘carNAVi Backup’ in your startmenu programs. There you have two icons for creating a full backup or a settings backup.

How can I make backups?
To start a backup, please switch on your carNAVi first and while the main menu is showing, connect it to a free USB port of your computer and tap on the PC connection icon (right one) on the navi screen.

Then select a backup type from START-Programs-carNAVi Backup. (see below)

To restore an archived backup, simply open the backup folder from the carNAVi Backup Startmenu or open c:\carNAVi in ‘My Computer’  and double click on one of the files. They are labled with date and time of their creation. Enter a destination path, for example F:\ and click on restore.*

Restore Default Settings
We also included a set of default settings for the different carNAVi models. If you like to restore these default settings, simply open them and restore as explained above. Your waypoints and histroy will remain, they will not be deleted from the unit.

*) If you don’t know your carNAVi drive letter, Open ‘My Computer’and locate the drive letter of your units SD Card, you can see a removable media with the name “CARNAVI”. Please remember the drive letter, for example F: