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How to contribute data to carNAVi

This article describes, how users can collect GIS data and contribute them for future map updates.

Use our map reporting tool to upload incorrect map and routing data.

Collect data of a road

1. If you drive a road, that is not in the map, just switch on the ‘Track recording’ function, you can find this in Settings – Start record track. Activate this function at the beginning of the road and the unit will now automatically save the coordinates of the track you are driving. If you are recording a seperated multi lane road (like EDSA is), try to stay in the middle of all lanes, if the traffic situation allows this. For better accuracy please drive the road in both directions – no need to make a seperate track from it. If there are u-Turns within, set a waypoint ‘U-TURN’ there. Of course you can also send us bike trails, hiking trails etc. Everything is welcome.

2. To stop recording, just press the red tape icon on top of the map screen. The unit will save a .gpx file in the SD cards ‘Tracks’ folder.

4. Connect your unit via USB to your PC or put the SC card into a SC card reader. Make sure, the unit is turned off, while you remove the SD card!

3. Visit carNAVi Map Reporting to upload your data to our server.

Collect Waypoints (POI)

1. Just store your Waypoints wherever you are, make sure the waypoints are on the correct side of the street and not to far (5-10m) away from the road, if they are beside a road.

2. Just name the waypoint – if the name is self explaining, like Jollibee or Shell. If the name is not selfexplaining, please note within the name also the type of the waypoint, i.e. “Tinas Restaurant, Italian”.

3. To export your waypoints, from the Waypoints Menue you can press the Menue button (the middle one on the bottom of the screen), select Export Waypoints to save the data prefered as a .gdb file to the SD card.

4. Visit carNAVi Map Reporting to upload your data to our server.

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