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What are Points of Interest?

A point of interest, or POI, is a specific point or location that someone may find useful or interesting. An example is a point on the Earth representing the location of a restaurant or museum.

The term is widely used in cartography, especially in electronic variants including GPS navigation software. In this context the synonym waypoint is also common.

A point of interest specifies, at minimum, the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the POI. A name or description for the POI is usually included, and other information such as address, sometimes altitude or contact data may also be attached.

GPS applications typically use icons to represent different categories of POI on a map graphically.

carNAVi map displaying POI’s:

On our carNAVi’s these icons are display in certain map zoom levels, for better ergonomy usually those POI are only displayed in smaller zoom levels.

carNAVi displays gasoline stations and hotels from a zoom level <=500m, all other POI’s are visible in zoom level <=120m.

carNAVi includes many thousands of POI in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and (coming soon) Indonesia.

The POI display in the map is one side, another  function of carNAVi is that the user can search for nearby POI or particular POI in other cities using the find database:

POI’s are categorized and the software supports the search by list browsing and also the fulltext search using an onscreen keyboard.

You can have also your own POI (Waypoints), whenever you are driving around you can store every point as your own WAYPOINT, the system will just store the exact coordinates, you can select an icon for this and give a name, of course.

For having better maps in the furtue our costumers can collect POI’s, export them to a PC and upload to our map database server. This contributions will help all carNAVi users to have more and more accurate information on hand.

The POI search is also working in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietman. Just take your carNAVi on a city tour in Singapore and search for nearest malls, shopping centers or others. The units are very helpful while walking in a city.

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