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Finally you can be assured that in future you can safely reach your destination in the Philippines, even if you are visiting the place for the very first time.


The new carNAVi ’s are based on the SiRF Altas GPS platform to support the full features of a modern navigation device. You will enjoy fast and reliable routing with voice prompted directions in Tagalog or English. (Additional voices like German, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese and Indonesian are available).

Featured in Teknotrip on AksyonTV:

Video material ©Associated Broadcasting Company, 2011 · Courtesy of AksyonTV, Philippines

Watch the videos to get a better impression of carNAVi:

This video shows the routing on EDSA going to Ortigas Center with Tagalog voice commands:

This video shows a guided route in English from Quezon City Cirlce to EDSA / Southbound incl. U-Turn:


Following Andrews Ave. going to NAIA Terminal 3 in English.

Thank your for watching carNAVi TV 😉