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Newsletter for February 2011

The year 2011 started already with changes for many drivers here in the Metro. Not only that fuel prices start again to reach record highs also the discussion and implementation of ‘real’ traffic rules has some impact on our driving.

The latest speed limit on Philippines widest road – Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City – started a discussion in our team, if we shall implement overspeed warnings in our carNAVi navigation systems. We would like to hear your opinion about this?

Since Windows 7 is more and more moving on our computers, we released a new version of our carNAVi Backup Tool for better compatibilty with Microsofts latest operating system.

Last but not least our technolgy outlook reports about the start of the Galileo testing area in southern Germany.

Enjoy reading,
Your carNAVi Team

New rules on our roads

MMDA has implemented strict rules along Speed LimitCommonwealth Avenue, the road that has recently claimed numerous lives due to traffic accidents.Under the new rules, MMDA imposed a strict 60km/h speed limit along the highway, a limit that carries a fine of PhP 1,200 for every violation. The speed limit will be policed by radar guns with a coaxial camera, allowing the MMDA to tag vehicles and summon the owner or driver to pay the fines.

The lanes along Commonwealth are also redesignated for specific types of vehicles. Buses must occupy the 2 rightmost lanes, while the next two are alotted for jeeps and motorcycles, and the remaining 5 lanes for private vehicles. Vehicles about to take a U-Turn slot will have the two innermost lanes.

For the carNAVi team this was the start for a discussion if we shall implement overspeed warnings into our navigation systems. Users who have played with the menu’s of carNAVi, maybe already saw the options for overspeed warnings.


We’d like to know, if you would like to see such function in the next map update for those speed restricted roads like NLEX, SLEX, SCTEX as well. Please email us your opinion about this topic.


New Version of carNAVi Backup

Setup carNAVi Backup

Backup or Restore your system settings, waypoint, tracks and routes. This windows tool allows users to create backups of the settings or the complete navigation system and archive them on their PC. A comfortable restore function is also included as well as restorable default settings.

Download carNAVi Backup Version 1.40 · Installer for Windows, 32-/64-Bit [1 MB]

New in version 1.40:
Better compatibility with Windows 7, faster compression algorythm, for 32- and 64-Bit systems.

A detailed program information is available at http://www.car-navi.ph/2010/carnavi-backup-tool/



GATE, The Galileo Test Area

The German Galileo Test and Development Environment GATE is a local ground-based “miniature navigation system” which provides real Galileo signals already several years before the full operability of the Galileo system in space.

GATE Test AreaIn the area of Berchtesgaden (Germany) six transmitters were installed atop mountains enclosing a test area of about 65 km². Through its infrastructure, GATE is able to radiate the original navigation signals from Galileo satellites, to simulate natural influences like ionosphere or troposphere delays, to change characteristic parameters of signals and to adapt the signal strength as required.

Hopefully the system will be implemented on schedule, so that also carNAVi users may use the better accuracy and faster satellite aquisition for all day use. First satellites will be up and running in around a year. More information at the GATE’s website.