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Newsletter April 2011

Summertime is traveltime and hopefully you have your carNAVi ready to guide you on your trip to the most famous vacation spots.

Last month we started the release of the first maps for Europe. Recently we have added the Netherlands to our repertoire of free maps in the carNAVi Store and more have to come later this year.

And the carNAVi Store has some new items like travel charger and other specials.

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Summertime is traveltime

VacationThis year, don’t waste any time being lost (or disagreeing on directions) while you’re on vacation. Speaking of things not to do on vacation; remember that time you forgot where you left your car in a giant amusement parking lot? carNAVi GPS will help you make sure that doesn’t happen again. While you’re at it, use your carNAVi to find a gas station or look for restaurants nearby.

GPS, or Global Positioning System, allows you to see a real-time projection of your present coordinates onto an accurate map of your surrounding area. Taking a GPS unit on vacation can save you lots of time and hassle. Follow these steps to use carNAVi on your vacation.

1. Load the newest maps. Unfortunately, carNAVi does not automatically download current maps of the area you’re in. This means that you need to plan in advance where you will be so you can find and load maps of those areas. So, get ready by uploading the correct maps for your vacation. For map updates just visit our map download page at www.car-navi.ph/support. If you need additional maps for other countries than the Philippines, visit the map section in the carNAVi Store.

2. Do some itinerary planning and preparing. Locate the names and addresses of important places on your vacation, such as your hotel, a bank and airport. Add these locations to your GPS as waypoints so that you can easily refer to them or get directions on the fly. Also, use the GPS to plan days of sightseeing by plugging in one stop after another so you can seamlessly make your way through the day with the help of GPS. If some places are still not listed in your carNAVi, use an online services like WikiMapia (http://wikimapia.org/) to find places and get the coordinates, which you may enter into your carNAVi as waypoints.

3. Use GPS to track your trips. One of the niftiest uses of carNAVi on your vacation is to keep track of the routes you drove, hiked or rode on a boat. Later on at home you are able to download the recorded tracks and make them visible in Google Earth or some other programs. Tools for managing your tracks we have listed on our website at http://www.car-navi.ph/support/tools-and-utilities/


Destination EUROPE


To make travelling abroad easier, carNAVi users may download separate maps for each country or region. carNAVi is the only navigation provider that offers additional maps for other countries – free of charge.

This month the new addition to the store is a map of the Netherlands.

The detailed road network of the map includes major highways, secondary highways and residential streets. Thousands of POI, like  Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Centers and Tourist Spots for most cities are also included. Other maps including France, Germany, Italy and other countries are coming soon.

How to download:
To get the additional mapsets, please visit the “GPS Maps‘ category in the online store.


carNAVi supports ‘The Born Expeditions’

Born to be Wild is a travel and wildlife show of GMA Network aired every Wednesday nights after Sarsi and hosted by Kiko Rustia and Dr. Ferdz Recio.

“They are easily the largest living creatures on the planet. Measuring up to thirty meters or about 100 feet in length, they are no doubt rulers of the ocean. Yet they can also be the gentlest and most charismatic beings.” Whales. Doc Ferds Recio and Kiko Rustia go on separate voyages to meet these giants face to face.

carNAVi supports this fantastic wildlife show and documentaion with navigation equipment and know how.

Born to be Wild - GPS Recordings


New items in the carNAVi Store

Right on time we added new items to the online store that may help you while travelling on vacation. A new unique 2in1 travel charger as well as a very small and lightweight wall-plug charger, for example.
Visit the carNAVi Store for details: