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Newsletter December 2011

carNAVi Christmas Special 2011

carNAVi S 400 is the most efficient professional navigation solution in the Philippines – ultra slim, with the latest GPS/Galileo Dual Core processor, large 4.3-inch high quality touch screen and multimedia functions. Get all this for a revolutionary price.

An update for ECO 300, PRO 400 and PRO BT devices is available giving 1st generation devices a facelift and fixes some minor bugs.

We installed a new easy to use download system, making it more convenient to find updates and tools for your device. Just enter the model name or EAN code of your unit to see all available files.

Read in this newsletter more news about new services and media reports.

Your carNAVi Team


carNAVi S 400

carNAVi S 400The S 400 allows an easy start into the use of modern GPS navigation, equipped with all useful features you need, affordable technology which is smart, slim and sleak.Preloaded with the latest map of the Philippines including Speedlimits, carNAVi S 400 works straight out of the box.

The usage is free of charge and works worldwide. Powered by SiRF V GPS/Galileo processor with 128MB RAM and 2GB build in flash memory, carNAVi S 400 is faster than most other GPS receiver and ready for the future. Read more

Selling online for only P6.990* – carNAVi S 400 GPS devices are now available in the carNAVi Store online and in outlet stores! (*exclusive introduction price in the online store, prices in outlets may vary)


Software update available

carNAVi software update for ECO 300, PRO 400 and PRO BTA software update is available for ECO 300, PRO 400 and PRO BT devices.

  • Improved user interface and map skin for 1st generation devices
  • Impoved routing functions and off-route re-calculation
  • Fixed GPX recording issue (for version
  • Fixed minor spelling issues
  • Fixed minor 3D map display problem

We recommend always having the latest version of carNAVi applications installed on your navigation device. This ensures you can use the latest features and improvements available for your device.

Download here


Download Archive

carNAVi Download Archive

Our new download archive is located at car-navi.ph/downloads.To search the archive just enter the model name, for example ‘eco 300’ or the EAN code which is located on the right back side of your units box to see all available tools, software- and map-updates.

This easy to use download locator makes it more convenient to find your files.

Most user manuals are available for download, as well.



carNAVi service and repairSome more news in a short overview:

  • Service & Repairs – Unlike most other companies – we are not only concentrating on selling our products, we provide one of the broadest and most comprehensive local service on our GPS navigation devices and accessories in the Philippines. (continue reading)
  • New Pricing – The vast success of carNAVi in the market let us produce more devices for a better price, this is why we are able to reduce prices for many models. Check the carNAVi Store for details.
  • Philippine Airlines inflight magazine – Philippines winding roads are daunting for the unfamiliar, but you’ll never have to ask for directions with carNAVi – a sleek, feature-packed, electronic GPS assistant.
    (continue reading)