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Activate your carNAVi Software License

If your navigation software does not start properly because the software license key is not valid, you can re-activate your original software license (see sample license sticker at the end of this page) by following these simple steps:

(Open this link if the page is not opening on your browser)

1. Enter your License Key into the first field and your SD ID or UUID in the second field (PDA/PNA serial number):

2. Click FORWARD, on the next page you will get your valid license, which you may save (DOWNLOAD) to your local computer.

3. Copy this file into the SD cards or device SYSTEM folder and RENAME the file to ‘NavitelAuto Activation Key.txt’ (change the underscore in the download name ‘_’ to space) and then your carNAVi software should work again.

If you have further questions regarding the software activation, kindly contact our support.

** Find the mandatory data on the carNAVi Software License sticker, which was originally placed in front of your carNAVi box, while opening it, see below:

Note: The software license activation is only working with original carNAVi SD cards and valid license certificates. Users can not transfer this license to another SD card!