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Gadget Magazine April 2011, carNAVi review
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Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2011

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carNAVi on TV and Radio
Dingdong Dantes uses carNAVi as he is a spare driver for Pepito Manaloto

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JAM88.3 TechTalk
Listen to TechTalk broadcasted on JAM88.3 on August 15, 2011 carNAVi on JAM88.3 Techtalk
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Teknotrip, AksyonTV

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Gadgets Magazine [October 2010]
by John Nieves
“GPS navigation devices aren’t exactly new; in fact they have enjoyed a presence in the local market by way of gray and parallel imports. Of course, these devices were far from reliable— not because of their design, but because of the data available to them.” […]

“carNAVi is the latest manufacturer to jump into the domestic GPS navigation scene, and if their top of the line Pro BT is any indication, they’re set to give their competitors a run for their money.”

“The Pro BT is what you’d expect from a navigation device—it’s not the thinnest or most elegant device out there, but it’s not the flimsiest either. It has a 4.3-inch touch TFT LCD screen that’s easy enough to use.” […]

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carNAVi featured on US Girls

Pinoy Tech Blog wrote:

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Article from Business Mirror Philippines

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