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carNAVi – powered by NAVITEL

NAVITEL is a leading navigation solution provider for automotive navigation industries, specialized in development and production of satellite navigation software and cartography. Navitel Navigator is truly multi-platform powerful turn-by-turn navigation with outstanding 3D graphics and real-time routing re-calculation. Worldwide more than 15 million driver are using NAVITEL.

The carNAVi partnership with NAVITEL goes back to 2007 as carNAVi selected the NAVITEL software platform because of it’s outstanding map display, the fast routing capabilities, graphics performance and the possibility to develop own costumized solutions like interface languages, voice localization and it’s own user interface. The use of NAVITEL software allows carNAVi developing map updates fast and offer perfect local software support for carNAVi costumers.

NAVITEL navigation software is the only commercial GPS car navigation software in the market, that allows the use of 3rd party maps from open mapping communities. Contributing data to this community work – this is another unique function of NAVITEL Navigator to easily save waypoints (POI) and record road tracks. This tracks can be submitted to carNAVi as well as to the mapping community like OpenStreetMap or RoadGuide. Every carNAVi GPS navigation device is compatible with maps developed by the local mapping community, for example Roadguide.ph in the Philippines.

This is why carNAVi and NAVITEL are the perfect player to improve our customers’ lives, bringing them to wherever they want to go, faster, more relaxed and more informed than anyone else in the Philippines.

Get the latest Navitel navigation software from our software update page.
(Updates downloaded from Navitel are not supported by carNAVi navigation devices)