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carNAVi Speedlimit Alerts

Owning a carNAVi helps you to find your destination without worry and from now on carNAVi can warn you if you overspeed – display speed limits and other dangerous road conditions.

After configuring your warning settings, your carNAVi will inform you far ahead about speedlimits, radar camera positions and other dangerous situations, like sharp curves and even bumpy railway crossings.

You can choose between visual alerts, like the speed limit will be displayed in the right upper corner of your screen or the system can do voice alerts and then speaks the current speed limit for you. Also you may choose if the alert will only come up if you overspeed to remind you to slow down!

Covered are all expressways, city limits like in Taguig and Davao City and major highways like Commonwealth Ave, Roxas Boulevard, Macapagal Boulevard, Osmeña Highway and now NAIA Expressway as well as many road conditions nationwide.

carNAVi Speed Limits
Installs or updates current speed limit information including actual speedcam positions, road obstructions like sharp curves or railway crossings.

carNAVi Speedlimits [Windows] - Version: 04.2017, 124.22 kB [exe]

carNAVi Speedlimits [Mac OS] - Version: 04.2017, 111.06 kB [zip]

Configuration guidelines:

After installing the speedlimit warnings, open your carNAVi navigation software and select MENU – SETTINGS – ALERTS to change the warning settings. We recommend the settings shown below:

For sound and visual alerts you may select your prefered warning stage (see below)

While driving the visual alert apears up to 1km ahead in the right upper corner of the map.

Note: Tap on the speedlimit or other alert sign (right upper corner) to toggle sound alert on/off



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