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Newsletter April 2012

carNAVi GPS, more powerful than ever
The people at carNAVi are always trying to do their best either in developing new products or in doing service and support. We are offering map updates for Apple computer quite some time already and from now on we are enhancing the service for our Mac users. All additional maps are now available for Mac.

carNAVi maps are already the most detailed maps available, however in some areas, the map might not be as perfect yet though. We would like to ask you to contribute, everything is welcome, read more below.

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carNAVi Team

Additional maps for Mac OS

Mac OS XMap updates for our Apple users are available quite some time already. We add some effort to enlighten our Mac support and from now on all additional carNAVi maps in the online store are available for Apple Mac OS-X, as well.

Like usual we made it as easy as possible, just select the desired operating system you’d like to receive the installer for and then add the map to your shopping cart. Our shop system delivers the correct file for you during checkout.

Visit the maps section of the carNAVi Store (https://car-navi.ph/shop/)


Contribute data

carNAVi maps for Mac OS

carNAVi is offering additional maps for many countries in the world free of charge, based on the outstanding geodata from OpenStreetMap. In some areas, the map might not be as perfect yet though. The good thing is, you can help to change that by reporting map errors within the map.

We would like to ask you to contribute, everything is welcome, new Points of Interest, new road tracks or speed limits and speed control points.

Share your local knowledge with our community, read here how it works.


Map Skin pack for Mac OS

carNAVi Download ArchiveThe map skin pack is now available as an installer for Apple computers. You may choose the way how the Navitel navigation software will display the map.Three new designs are available after installing the skin pack.

Our new skin ‘Boulder’ for example displays the maps in colorful pastel tones during day mode and in night view the roads and map elements are displayed in neutral grey tones which may better blend in with your existing car cockpit design. Just try it out, the installation is easy.

carNAVi Skin Pack [Volume 1]
– Version: 1.0, 32.95 MB [zip], Mac OS

Installation instructions for Mac

The windows verion is available here:

carNAVi Skin Pack [Volume 1]
– Version: 1.0, 25.46 MB [exe], Windows


Latest News

carNAVi facebbokSome more news in a short overview:

  • Be updated first: All you need to know, almost in real time, now on our facebook page. Be our fan on facebook and ‘Like us‘ for the latest news and developments.
  • Singapore and Malaysia map updated, visit the map section in the carNAVi Store to download the latest release of the map.
  • Service & Repairs – Unlike other companies – we are not only concentrating on selling our products, we provide one of the broadest and most comprehensive local service on our GPS navigation devices and accessories in the Philippines. (continue reading)