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carNAVi S 400 – GPS navigation for everyone

The carNAVi S 400 is ready to enter the market as the most efficient professional navigation solution in the Philippines – ultra slim, with the newest GPS/Galileo Dual Core processor, large 4.3-inch high quality touch screen and multimedia functions with integrated MP3 and Video player.

The S 400 allows an easy start into the use of modern GPS navigation, equipped with all useful features you need, affordable technology which is smart, slim and sleek.

Preloaded with the latest map of the Philippines including Speedlimits, carNAVi S 400 works straight out of the box. The usage is free of charge and works worldwide. Powered by SiRF V GPS/Galileo processor with 128MB RAM and 2GB build in flash memory, carNAVi S 400 is faster than most other GPS receiver and ready for the future. [Read more]

carNAVi S 400 GPS devices are available in the carNAVi Store online and in outlet stores!
(special offers in the online store, prices in outlets may vary)