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Map Installation on Mac OS-X

carNAVi offers additional maps for many countries in South East Asia, for example for Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more, free of charge. Click here to visit the carNAVi Store.

Please follow this detailed instructions how to install maps from the carNAVi Store using Mac OS-X:

1. Download the map installer from the carNAVi Store.

2. Open your download folder and run the map installer. Connect your carNAVi via USB, select the ‘USB connection’ icon on the units touch screen and click ‘continue‘ to proceed the installation.

Note: Some Apple computers and/or OS-X versions are sometimes not correctly recognizing some carNAVi devices. In such case try selecting another USB port or plug a standard USB 2.0 hub in your Mac where you then connect the carNAVi device.

3. Read and accept the license agreement:

4. Click on ‘Change Install Location‘ and select your carNAVi device, do NOT install the map on your Mac’s drive:

5. Select your carNAVi device as shown below, then click on ‘continue

6. Your map data are now transfered to your carNAVi device:

7. After the files are transfered, you will see the screen below, please close the application, eject your carNAVi device and start the navigation software. The new maps will be indexed automatically, please do NOT interrupt this process.