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What kind of SD memory cards can I use?

Your carNAVi supports the following memory cards:

- SD cards with a capacity up to 2GB
- SDHC cards with a capacity up to 32GB

We recommend to format the memory cards with FAT32 file system.

Some low cost SD and SDHC cards as well as Micro SD cards with adapter are not compatible out of the box with carNAVi devices. If the SD card is too slow, it will not be recognized during startup (turning on the unit) and no files/content may be accessible.

In this case read the following FAQ article how to format a large SD card for carNAVi:

Software License:
Your original carNAVi SD card storing the navigation software and maps can not be replaced. You can exchange the SD card for multimedia use, but you need the original SD card for the use of the navigation software. The license for the navigation software can not be transfered by the costumer to another SD card.

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