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carNAVi Backup
Backup or Restore your system settings, waypoint, tracks and routes. This windows tool allows users to create backups of the settings or the complete navigation system and archive them on their PC. A comfortable restore function is also included as well as restorable default settings. [Read more here]

carNAVi Backup Tool - Version: 1.53, 1.27 MB [exe]
Release date: 17.11.2014


carNAVi Speed Limits

Installs or updates current speed limit information including actual speedcam postitions, road obstructions like sharp curves or railway crossings. [Read more here]

carNAVi Speedlimits [Windows] - Version: 04.2017, 124.22 kB [exe]

carNAVi Speedlimits [Mac OS] - Version: 04.2017, 111.06 kB [zip]


Additional Skin designs

After installation you may choose the way how the Navitel navigation software will display the map. Three new designs are available after installing the skin pack.

carNAVi Skin Pack [Volume 1] - Version: 1.0 [Win], 25.46 MB [exe] for Windows

carNAVi Skin Pack [Volume 1] - Version: 1.1 [Mac], 32.95 MB [zip] for Mac


Navigation software update

This installer updates the Navitel navigation software in your carNAVi.

S510 Navigation Software [Update] - Version:, 663.98 kB [exe]

* Release date: October 30, 2013

  • Impoved road lock and off-route re-calculation
  • Improved overall performance
  • Fixed minor system stability issue
  • Changed default user settings

ECO 300 Navigation Software - Version:, 6.98 MB [exe]

PRO 400 Navigation Software - Version:, 887.83 kB [exe]

PRO BT Navigation Software - Version: (091210), 7.01 MB [exe]

PRO BT Navigation Software - Version: (LH43V14), 887.9 kB [exe]

* Release date: December 06, 2011

  • Improved user interface and map skin for 1st generation devices
  • Impoved routing functions and off-route re-calculation
  • Fixed GPX recording issue (for version
  • Fixed minor spelling issues
  • Fixed minor 3D map display problem


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