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Version3.5.0.1712 (LH43V14)
Release dateDecember 6, 2013
Downloaded2748 times
CategoriesPRO BT
OsWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Md5 checksuma6f9aab548b4f7507378df18fc5bf99a


For hardware revision LH43V14 only, this units came with a blue carNAVi SD card. Please check hardware revision in settings/sysinfo first.

This installer performs an update of the NAVITEL navigation software.

1. Download the installer and save the file on your local harddisk, for example on your Desktop.

2. Connect your carNAVi device via USB cable.
(after plug-in the USB cable select the ‘computer connection‘ icon on the units touch screen)

3. Open ‘My Computer’ and locate the drive letter or device of your units main memory, you can see a removable media with the name “CARNAVI”. Please remember the drive letter, for example F:

4. Run the update program, read the instructions and click ‘next’. Enter or select the correct drive letter and path of your navigation unit, for example F:\. (Drive letter depends on your hardware setup.)

5. After the updater has completed, disconnect your carNAVi device from USB and start the navigation software. If needed, the navigation program will perform an indexing of the maps, please do not interrupt this.

Note: This update will install optimal default settings, your waypoints and history data will remain.