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carNAVi’s virtual press office – here we provide easy, up-to-date access to news and information for journalists, reporters, and anyone interested. Here you are one click away from the latest press releases and other material for free media use. Our business is to get you the information you need when you need it.

Latest press articles and audio/video material is available at this link.


Latest Press Releases:

[09. September 2013] carNAVi S 510 – slim comes now even faster —  [PDF], 587KB

[02. August 2012] carNAVi S 500 – slim comes now in two sizes —  [PDF], 930KB

[26. Oct 2011] carNAVi S 400 – GPS Navigation for Everyone —  [PDF], 685KB

[08. Aug 2011] carNAVi warns about Speedlimts in the Philippines —  [PDF], 420KB

[18. Jul 2011] carNAVi PRO TV – Advanced GPS Navigation for the Philippines —  [PDF], 1.1MB




Product Pictures for download:

To see all our products please select one of the products, for more detailed pictures please contact us.

[1] carNAVi advertising material (please contact press@car-navi.ph)

[2] carNAVi ECO 300 product pictures

[3] carNAVi PRO BT product pictures

[4] carNAVi PRO TV product pictures

[5] carNAVi S 400 products pictures

[6] carNAVi S 500 product picturtes

[7] carNAVi S 510 product picturtes